The Studio

I have a licensed studio in the beautiful town of Cochrane Alberta and although a commercial space would be my ultimate goal, I love working from home. Having my studio at home allows me to make it as cozy as possible and when I’m not editing in my office, I’m usually downstairs in the studio re-arranging stuff to help with my workflow, tidying/cleaning up and figuring out ways to improve it. My husband and I have worked tirelessly to make sure that I have the best equipment and props. We’ve also made sure that we have everything to make your session with Veroni Photography as pleasant and comfortable as possible. The studio has a small bar area with coffee, water and juice available for all clients. It also has its own bathroom and the cupboards are filled with the essentials that the family might need during the session. Newborn sessions usually take a few hours to finish, so there is also a separate waiting area where parents and older siblings can hang out. It has a TV with hundreds of channels and if that’s not enough, there’s Netflix, Youtube and even Karaoke available (we love Karaoke in our house! haha). So whether Mom or Dad just wants to relax, nap, watch hockey, get home reno ideas on HGTV, catch up on the Bachelor or the older siblings want to watch Paw Patrol or have Baby Shark on repeat on Youtube – there’s something for everyone! There is also a chest of toys and colouring stuff for kids and parents alike. Sometimes I do ask for some assistance from the parents on certain poses, but honestly if you just want to chill in the waiting room, I totally understand.

Thank you for taking this little tour of the Veroni Photography Studio. I hope to see you and your family in my studio very soon